Four years after their first interview, J. Cole and HardknockTV link back up. During their time in the studio, Cole speaks on his first hip hop memory, his first written rap and being influenced heavily by Eminem and Nas.

To end the first segment, Cole breaks down his early days opening for Wale. Something every aspiring artist who constantly complains about not being "on" after recording a song on your laptop and spamming everyone on Twitter should watch. Patience and an actual grind are key.

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  • Starks

    I wish nothing but the best career for Cole. Inspirational.

  • rich

    I wish j.cole could start making good music again. The come up was such a good mixtape

  • 2dope4nope

    FNL too that too deep for the intro damn shoulda been the album but much success!

  • Jay Rock Aint Eating

    I'm Glad J.Cole finally getting the praise he deserves now how about that Kendrick J.Cole album in 2014 !!!!

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