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J. Cole was tonight's musical guest on the Late Show With David Letterman. During his time on stage, the Born Sinner rapper performed his TLC-assisted single "Crooked Smile."


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  • Truth

    Needs a new single...but killed that performance.

    Only thing holding back J. Cole at this point is J. Cole...needs way more features and volume of music if he wanna stay hot. Not Weezy '07 volume, but more than just an album every 1.5 years.

  • Reality

    Born Sinner out sold Kanye's album... he's good

  • Supaman

    Cole is RIGHT THERE on the cusp of the next step. I just want him to let a few others help him out on the production end...very good performance!

  • DJDHamp

    Poor Cole. Been pushin this single for months lol. How many fukn performances of this shit have been posted on here??

  • The Real TC

    Great performance. How could someone put a nope on this?

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