devine carama

Devine Carama leads the charge with the first leak off an upcoming Kentucky compilation. Scheduled for a November release, The Hood, The Holler will help raise funds to fight against mountain top removal in the great Appalachia area of Kentucky. Other features will include Sheisty Khrist, Real Tha Poet and other hometown emcees.

Like I a lot of my recent work, this track was inspired by all the recent youth violence. On this piece I took a different approach. I rapped from the perspective of taking away a gun from a young teen and replacing it with a mic. Lyrically, I wanted to display that you can rap with the same aggression and precision as a gun can shoot. Words are power. - DC


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  • average rap fan

    beat is smooth....dope flow. Solid track!

  • Santiago

    Dumb Nice....Long Live Carama

  • Santiago

    Dumb Nice....Sun could do that all day

  • B-Girl


  • Mook

    Lyrically incredible.. And very dope concept and song structure. Louisville, KY?

  • Rebel G

    nope, fuck the ville this shit is LEXINGTON BABY! We've also got mc's from Knoxville TN on the album. Shits gonna be super fuckin dope!

  • dani b.

    Lyrics are powerful. Never hides behide a nice beat. Music that's about something. Thank you!

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