Blue Chips is by far my favorite Action Bronson project, so when news broke out that dude was planning a sequel, I got hype! And today, Bam Bam took to Twitter to reveal a month-long possible release date. What's that you ask? Well, according to Action, #BC2 will drop the "the first day it rains in November." Hopefully we need our umbrellas early next month.. UPDATE: Rain or not, Blue Chips 2 is dropping within the first five days of November. Check the tracklist here if you haven't already. UPDATE (Oct 21): Finally, we get a SOLID date. According to Bam Bam, November 1st is the official date for the free project. Whew!

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  • who cares

    I'm excited, but he does know that the entire world doesn't rain at the same time, right? So I'm assuming it's first day it rains where he's at? I don't know. Kind of a weird way to announce a release date.

  • DynamicShots

    ^^^ I was thinking the exact same thing. I guess when it rains it just rains

  • dontbelievethehype

    Don't get too hyped about the release date. Bam Bam is by far my favourite new rapper of the past few years, but "Rare Chandeliers" dropped like 6 months after he said it would and the same with "SAAAB STORIES".

  • Rick O Shea

    I thought he said he wasn't going to do any projects with just one producer?

  • King Tyrone all of Action's stuff, but Blue Chips is easily my favorite project of his to date. Goes perfect over the Party Supplies production

  • oo

    Rare Chandeliers is his best project yet, in my opinion.

  • fuck2dopebois

    homie smokin one skinny tiny ass blunt lol

  • T9FTW

    Why does it say Oct. 21 (which is today) then Nov. 21? Pick a date, Shake.

  • Slaps

    On a nigga birthday, The snow nigga made me proud.

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