If you live in Australia or happen to be visiting there between the 19th and 22nd of February 2014, you lucky fucks are in for a real treat. Showbiz.au has announced that Em will be headlining the Rapture 2014 tour and "has handpicked the now, and the next, for the debut dose of Rapture." The now and the next will include J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Action Bronson, 360 & Chance the Rapper. The other dates include Brisbane (Feb. 20th) and Sydney (Feb. 22nd). Head over here to cop your tickets now and see the different "fan packages" that are being offered, including the "Rap God Ultimate VIP" package.

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  • Strajow

    there is nothing in the link fk head!!

  • Joel

    If 360 was handpicked by Eminem I will eat my hat.

  • Jay Daniels

    It's 360 the Australian rapper. Not the American dude. FYI.

  • stopit5

    Lol the first thing I checked to see was if it was the American 360.

  • alexander

    Which is even worse, the Australian 360 is incredibly bad (like all Australian hip hop)

  • alexander

    hopefully action bronson does a show without emimen, the tickets are $330

  • DHG

    hopefully they all do a show without Eminem, $330 is fucking ridiculous.

  • lrober2407

    General Admin is $155. Doubt any will do shideshows. 360 is the worst, tempted to go fly across to NZ because David Dallas is there instead of 360.

  • hnz

    Yeah ^^^ he's in Auckland first on the 15th but Action Bronson & Chance the Rapper won't be there.

  • Sally M. Ervin

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