In this segment of Dope Dealer Extraordinaire, I spoke to Emilio Rojas straight from DJ Premier's HeadQCourterz studio in New York. In between Emilio's writing and recording, we found time to speak about him considering himself musically in the same lane as Wale and Kendrick Lamar, record labels spending too much money on artists incorrectly and being told by radio DJs that they don't like announcing his name on air because it sounds like the name of a Reggaeton artist.

PREVIOUSEmilio Rojas – Low (Video)


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  • vashin

    Dear Miss Peas,

    You should try getting some sleep before your interviews. I've never seen such an uninterested interviewer in my life.

    This sucked.

  • Sylent

    Yeah your interviewing skills are to be desired Peas. You said like 9 words and looked like you were burdened by being there. Also WTF is up with your shirt? Is it 1994 in NYC? Get your shit together Peas.

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