Last Friday evening I caught Kendrick's entire freestyle for the BET Hip Hop Awards, his turn being a verse that lasts for over two minutes (his purported Drake Papoose assault happens within the first 45 seconds of the whole thing). Anyways, before all of the cyphers air within the coming days, you can check out this bonus clip from Bam Bam's set, an acapella performance of “Strictly 4 My Jeeps”.

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  • wat

    So. He just recited his Strictly 4 My Jeeps verse for the cypher? I mean, I'm not mad but an original verse would've been better.

  • c



    @ wat

    go suck a fuck you little twat

  • PaperKut

    If you read the description, you would've seen that it's a bonus clip featuring Strictly 4 my Jeeps acapella. The cypher is never just one person.

    Also, it's time to invest in Disqus, 2DBZ.

  • wat

    but. why.

  • wat

    @PaperKut: No shit, no one said anything about the cypher being only him.

  • DopeAura

    Am i the only one who dont feel Action Bronson Idk he kinda garbage to me *shrugs*...maybe he;s like K.r.I.t in a way where i like some songs/hate most songs/ but fuck with him on features

  • pharleff

    Co-sign @ PaperKut

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