Now that he's a free man, Young Buck wastes zero time putting together visuals for his latest single.

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  • MR MGN


  • dope

    Seriously the best shit out right now...this is undeniably better than MMG's new shit, SchoolBoy Q's new shit, Macklemore, any A$AP record, etc.!
    Get em BUCK!
    Who else raps with this much heart and energy...

  • lbc

    Tupac would approve track and video. This shits hard!

  • trufax

    This is actually fucking nuts, that's how u spend your time in jail.
    Ja Rule need to get some tips from Buck.

  • who cares


  • AAA

    Does anyone find it weird that he used to be part of G-Unit. Not because of his style or anything, its just crazy how much time he will almost always be seen as the former G-unit member unlike The Game...

  • The Vet

    This is a really, really DOPE track.

  • Da Spaniard

    GET EM BUCK!!!!!!!!!!

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