Along with premiering the "Crooked Smile" video, Noisey also chopped it up with J. Cole about Born Sinner out-selling Kanye West's Yeezus, the criticism he receives for making "boring" music, Kendrick Lamar's verse on "Control" and more. A few choice quotes are below, with Ernest Baker's entire write-up available here.

On out-selling Kanye:
I don’t wake up every day like, ‘I got a great status in the rap game.’ No, I feel behind. I don’t feel like I’ve done enough. I only get brief moments to appreciate things. I might get a two minute thought of like, ‘Wow, you really did sell more than Kanye. You currently have sold more records than Kanye West’s album, which came out the same day.’ Then I’m back to focusing on what’s next.

On "boring" criticism:
It’s funny, but it’s sad. Everybody has their own style of music that they like. I could never let that affect me in the way I make music. The people who like ‘Soul Plane’ are probably gonna think ‘Shawshank Redemption’ is boring. It’s not the end of the world. It’s cool that people care, because five years ago, nobody cared, but I don’t care about the chattering. It’s becoming more and more like noise to me.

On Kendrick’s “Control” verse:
That’s rap, man. That’s rap music. That’s a part of the game. It’s natural. It’s fine.

Peace to Andy B on the heads up.


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  • veesky

    That "Soul Plane" analogy was simple but it speaks volumes.

  • Mulatootough

    Kendrick call this nigga government name on the track and that's all he had to say

  • http://www.thecorporatethiefbeats.com/ Daniel Hartnett

    Out selling Kanye is a really big thing , but their music is two worlds apart , I found that Yeezus is an Epic experimental album.

    You have to applaud Kanye to keep trying new things and not making the same music over and over again.

    Born Sinner is a great album too and I loved listening to it , but it's such a safe album The songs are a bit commercial and I could see myself becoming bored of it pretty soon.

    J Cole is a great rapper but lets compare his sales for his 6th solo album with Kanyes 6th Solo album.

  • sirj

    he gone keep it on rap @mulatootough

  • brad stevens

    i just dont comprehend how cole is boring when you have guys like dizzy wright, stalley, currensy, aesop rock, etc. gonna get a lot of disagreements on this statement but regardless i full heartedly disagree that cole is even remotely "boring"

  • SandySupreme

    Did this gaybob jus call my nigga spitta boring??????

  • Weird


    Don't worry, dude was talking about J Cole and called Aesop Rock boring. Aesop has individual tracks that are better than Cole's albums.

  • Quickstrike

    Spitta music is boring lol. No one says anything because he is still underground, people only make complaints when you considerered popular or mainstream.

  • Boring

    This nigga is boring now.. If you play his album on a drive of over 10 minutes you will most likely fall asleep and crash.

  • damnnnnn

    Spittas been underground for like 34 years now...TRYING to get in...Wiz left his ass in the dust.

  • wiLL dent

    JCole nicer than Spitta...Spitta sounds the same on everything...I dnt even know what hes talking about all the time....jets jets...my weed n my hip your chick whatever he says...the guy smoke too much

  • MewLover34

    @brad stevens, I'm gonna assume this dude meant A$AP Rocky, you'd still be a moron for confusing them, but it's better than calling one of the GOAT "boring".

  • brad stevens

    aesop rock a GOAT...

  • Mentaldagod

    How the fuk do you call someone a moron and then turn around and call Aesop Rock "GOAT"... He is pretty dam good but gtfoh wit that ish fam!!! Lmao

  • yup

    I can outfart J.Cole. What.

  • yup

    and dudes saying J.Cole is nicer than Spitta?? Why, cuz Spitta ain't desperate? All sorts of the FOH.

  • really

    lol @ currency even being compared to j.cole. One is one of the best mc's of today and the other is bairly an mc that just makes chill/smoke music.

  • ear2ear

    Ok. So tell me why my favorite albums are Black on Both Sides, Midnight Marauders, Illmatic, Madvillainy, ATLiens, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, Late Registration...etc...the albums J cole draws inspiration from...

    but I just can't get into J Cole's music. It's like a lesser watered down version of the albums I love. So his Soul Plane vs. Shawshank Redemption analogy doesn't work for me. It's more like a Godfather Pt I/II vs Godfather Pt III.

  • marty mcfly

    Man this nigga swears he on that Nas shit when in actuality he constantly pumps junk food in his music and then puts a mask on it like its conscious rap and he's been doing it since Work Out all the way up to his last single about bitches with fucked up teeth. Ima make a song about bitches with overbites and how they looks dont matter cause they can still give good head and then shoot a video saying its about americas military activity in other countries or some shit. GTFOH

  • https://twitter.com/Gene_us @Gene_us

    The criticism Cole gets for making "boring" music is the same criticism Drake gets for being a simp. With Drake, you can shit on him all you want but you can't touch his music. When you start with that bullshit that J. Cole makes boring music, just remember he produced most and rapped on the following songs...

    School Daze
    Dolla & A Dream
    Can I Live
    Grown Simba
    I Get Up
    Lights Please
    Water Break
    'Til Infinity
    The Badness
    Losing My Balance
    Too Deep For The Intro
    Premeditated Murder
    Dollar and A Dream
    Sideline Story
    Lost Ones
    Let Nas Down
    Power Trip (Cole’s response to the Work Out criticism)
    Mo Money
    3 Wishes
    New York Times
    RunawayRich Niggaz
    Tears For ODB
    Cole Summer

    Tell me those songs aren't hip hop!? There’s plenty more features, freestyles and loosies like Dead Presidents, Get By, Looking For Trouble, The Last Stretch that he ripped to shreds!! If Cole is “boring”, what music do y’all consider fire?

    Sure, his career isn’t all the way stellar and he hasn’t quite reached the level he was s’pposed to be at but like he said, all you faggots are just noise. At this point, fuck all the naysayers. Cole goes in. Fuck your bullshit opinion! Most of you dudes talking that bullshit prolly listen to the likes of Rick Ross, Pusha T, 2 Chainz et al but wanna pass judgement on another dude’s music who’s trying to better himself every chance he gets? GTFOH!!

  • marty mcfly

    You could make a list of dope songs from Action Bronson, Curren$y, Evidence, Skyzoo, Lupe Fiasco, Jay Electronica, Elzhi, Torae, Saigon etc... and they would have a bunch of hip hop songs too and probably a better list. Dudes music is boring even more so then the most boring MC of all time Joe Boredom and on top of that Joe actually has better rhymes.

  • flow

    Its really his beats that are boring, people been telling him to work with other producers for years, he's just stubborn and wants to do everything himself lol He consistently raps pn mellow beats that just sound uninteresting in an era of turn up beats . But people who appreciate substance and lyrics fuck with j.cole for the most part. He's not the best lyricist, but one of the better lyricist as far as the new generation goes.

  • DG

    Cole doesn't make music for you to dance to in the club; when you listen to his music you have to think about what he's saying to understand the message behind it; most of you can't even relate to his music so of course you're going to think his music is boring...plus he doesn't use great beats to distract people from lame ass bars like 2 Chainz, Cheif Keef, Waka Flocka, etc.

  • B

    jcole will overtake all the other new rappers in the game, his time will come.

  • three

    hit me when the rappers you name have two number one albums that are both gold. one selling 217,000 the other 297,000 in the first week. Aside from workout he never sold his soul. (compared to what rappers do now a days, one song is nothing)

    I love spitta, but hes not selling 300.


  • marty mcfly

    @three, Its about how many records you sold? Wasn't that guy talking about "Hip Hop"? So its not about the business aspect of it and if it is then congratulations and I hope he sells a billion records because sells is one thing but the hip hop culture is something else. Curren$y has to prove is artistry by selling records? You could say yeah and I would get it but if were simply talking about making good records then no his sells is not whats important in that conversation. You wanna talk that scoreboard shit I could show you people who sold alot more then Cole has but I'll give him this though. He did say "Everybody has their own style of music that they like. I could never let that affect me in the way I make music". I can respect that mentality. I dont think Cole always has that mentality artistry wise but whatever. I also dont think because I dont like boring records then I must like Soul Plane over Shawshank Redemption but whatever.

  • marty mcfly

    Those guys I listed aint gonna make a Power Trip type of song and they dont got Jayz promotional money and industry connects and muscle behind their singles either (except Jay Elec). That dont mean they cant match Cole on an artistic level. You put the same amount of time in those artists on a mainstream level and I think some of them could sell just as many records if not more AND also maintain more artistic integrity in terms of a single. Lupe for one does have pretty good numbers for only 4 albums in and imo he dont have to go gold to prove his ability if the music sounds good then its good.

  • the realest

    Co-sign @flow

  • Mertaserta

    j cole's music doesn't speak to me. at all. he's very narcissistic. even the nas "tribute" wasn't a tribute to nas at all. it was him talking about how HE was affected by nas not liking that one song. good lyrics, won't ever say he can't rap. but "niggas" and "bitches" are his fall back crutches. his voice has NO soul, his music (in MY opinion) doesn't have much either, no matter what soul songs he samples. i'd rather little children listen to him over most artists, but that's as far as i take it. if he would've gotten actual singers to sing those hooks on the last album, it could've been a masterpiece. but he loves hearing himself too much. some will agree, some won't. that's the beauty of hip hop.

  • http://Www.ladz.co.za Ladz

    So much hate on Cole,you hate it before you heard it so he forgave you,spent hours Critising that Nigga for what?at least when i listened to Cole i woke up nxt mornin to go follow my Dreams than to Drink all night get chicks and laid see

  • http://Www.ladz.co.za Ladz

    So much hate on Cole,you hate it before you heard it so he forgave you,spent hours Critising that Nigga for what?how do you rate the music that niggaz relate to it.coz cole is more relateble than any nigga pretenders to be thugs,xpensive watches and bitches

  • http://Www.ladz.co.za Ladz

    So much hate on Cole,you hate it before you heard it so he forgave you,spent hours Critising that Nigga for what?how do you rate the music that niggaz relate to it?

  • http://Www.ladz.co.za Ladz

    Cole make me woke up in the morning follow my Dreams,than the song abwt hoes cars platinum watches etc,i like Cole coz he's real dnt want him to change

  • http://Www.ladz.co.za Ladz

    Cole make me woke up in the morning follow my Dreams,than the song abwt hoes cars platinum watches etc,i like Cole coz he's real

  • nesta

    Cole's chatter...is BORING. Ha! Dude can rap but aint nothing great, at all...I'd be super surprised if he gets any better. A lot of peoples comments here were on point...aint nobody saying he's wack...just 'meh.'

  • @@@@@

    There goes marty again. typing out his frustrations on the Cole fans and making like Cole ain't nice. FOH marty. Jay-Z is everything you described Cole to be but without the producer label under his belt. I hope your heart is burning every time you check back on this c-section. Keep acting like your arguments aren't weak as fuck

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