Almost immediately after the Miley Cyrus fuckery at the VMAs went down, a rumor started spreading that Billy Ray's troubled daughter was to be featured on an upcoming remix of Kanye West's "Black Skinhead." Sadly, the reports are true as Mike WiLL Made It just confirmed the madnes during his time on MTV's RapFix Live.


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  • Winston Churchill

    I bet people will call that corny ass nigga Kanye a genius for this.

  • gt

    And i comfirm that that nigga mike is fucking the shit outta that bitch.

    Also i just wish she does some background singing and ye wont let her fuck it up, still wish this wasnt true.

  • T9FTW

    That could've been the worst song on the album to put her on, especially with all the racial undertones, but I guess we'll see how this turns out... I guess...

  • YeDaTruth

    Kanye's my favorite artist, but he loves to ride the "whoever's hot" bandwagon. When Wayne was really starting to get a HUGE buzz, he put him on Graduation & 808's. Same with T-Pain. Raekwon was getting critically acclaimed and a resurgence of fandom from Cuban Linx 2, and Kanye had multiple songs with him during the MBDTF sessions. Same with Nicki Minaj & Rick Ross. He had Lex Luger co-produce tracks for MBDTF & Watch The Throne. Why is Kanye not working with any of these artists now??

  • pick

    ...and i would STILL hit

  • ep

    just a matter of time before she release that sex tape with some black guy not named Hemsworth

  • Yoda904

    Lil Wayne - Good Girl Gone Bad

  • Yoda904

    9/11 tragedies continue to breathe

  • hesusduece

    Kanye a pussy boy, i wish fif won that sales battle back in the day, maybe rap wouldn't be so gay and lame now

  • FritzLn

    @YeDaTruth for the same reason his music doesnt sound anything like it did when he worked with them. he's always on to the next thing

  • MidWestFlyest

    Kanye loves to be the guy who does things different and "shock" people, so for that reason alone this move is predictable as hell. Next

  • skiler415

    Kanye a pussy boy, i wish fif won that sales battle back in the day, maybe rap wouldn’t be so gay and lame now- comment of the day

  • skiler714

    lame ass shake, this lame bitch is worth reporting, but wolfgang still gets the snub. Marks!

  • malcyvelli

    "They see a black man with a white woman
    At the top floor they gone come to kill King Kong"

  • yomama

    The fuck man........

  • JD

    Mike Will Paid It

  • haha

    miley kinda look bieber there lol

  • rapisforthekidsnow

    kanye west is a music industry whore, an employee, these so called artists aint free, they have to give a pass to a miley cyrus cause if they dont, the people who really make decisions in this industry wont support them anymore. and this the case for the majority of the rap game. hip hop is totally under control. pathetic...

  • jus10

    EMINEM, maybe you should diss Miley and Justin Beiber, since dissing pop stars is your thing. I would totally back any boycott of these Nickelodeon-kids-turned-rappers.

  • Miley

    Mike WiLL Hit It

  • factormax

    kanye releases a grimy industrial album with no publicity and no attempt to make a radio single and yall say he's just part of the machine? oh.

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