With assistance from Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J and... Miley Cyrus, Mike WiLL Made It delivers the first offering from his upcoming Interscope debut.

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  • JWill

    Only complaint I have, is that Wiz is reppin' rockin' J's but dude got a contract with Converse.

  • nerds

    just 30 pairs of j's? juicy j a peasant

  • Mitch

    Disgrace... smh

  • jus10

    It's sad when shaking your ass gets accepted you into HipHop. smh.

  • Yup

    @ jus10 I feel you...she shakes her (non existent) ass and wala

    So.....2dope posts this, nicki minaj, and Ariana Grande among other things.....
    but refuses to post hip hop artists like OF and Lupe over what? Personal shit?

    Do yall care about this thing we call hip hop? Or are you in it for the clicks? I'll go with number 2....and as a follower of 2dope since it's beginning...that shit is wack.

  • hova scotia

    vs. lupe fiasco - im beamin

  • Cmon

    Why even post this? I come to this site for hip hop. Don't become like HHDX posting anything and everything for page views. Keep the integrity.

  • Duke

    Someone needs to edit a version without miley

  • RSX

    Not bad. Could do without Miley's verse, but you can't deny that ol girl can sing and that Mike Will can produce.

  • jundamane24

    Solid track, typical mike will joint. Can't complain. LOL at these hating comments though, these dudes already hate this style of music you continue to come check the track out...smh

  • Advance

    She doesn't get on Hip Hop songs because she shakes her ass. She gets on Hip Hop songs because she wants to. Do you really think these desperate ass artists are gonna pass up an opportunity to work with someone a thousand times more famous than them? People act like this is reflects badly on Hip Hop. Nah it reflects badly on these bums that'll do anything to make some cash, and just happen to be using Hip Hop to do so.

  • YATTi

    Wow people are still on that fuck nigga Lupe shit.


    People in the c-section lacks fucking common sense. They posts shit you don't like then go somewhere else that posts it. They have links on the right to other blogs.

    Dumb ass cry babies.

  • hova scotia

    people indicates more than one person, so it would be lack, not lacks. you seem brilliant. so you've been following gucci's twitter rant most presumably? it was just an example of what music was being uploaded a few years prior to the decrease of your non-existent brain cells. :)

  • hova scotia

    ...i mean....dam yo wyt gurl ken twerk ? gwen duh vid cumin shayk!

  • malcyvelli

    Eh, this was pretty much what I expected, Miley sounds a little more animated than the track calls for but whatever, she did whatever it is that she does, whatevs

  • ignorantkid

    why dont they post lupe?

  • fritzln

    and not a SINGLE dime left MJ's pockets for this. be kings not soldiers

  • Mike Laz

    this sucks

  • T9FTW

    She should take her sing-rapping more serious. She actually has a really great voice for this type of music.

    She killed the bridge and hook but her verse was too wild-sounding. That verse was like Fergie (rapping) mixed with Chippy Nonstop.

    All in all, the bridge, hook and beat are dope. However, no one on the song had a verse better than "eh".

  • TB

    i can't front on this - it's a PARTY song. that is all. some people on this site are sad little trolls. probably have never even been to a party and just hang out in your mom's basement downloading mos songs from 1999. this beat is one of mike's best btw.

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