The MMG rapper drops a visual for the twerkers with the Nicki Minaj and Juicy J-featured "Clappers." The Gifted is in stores now.

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  • Mr. Hip-Hop

    pretty cool video

  • three

    too many niggas, not enough hoesss

  • khilolo

    This shit is an embarrassment to DC AND EU!!!!! The girls can't dance to the music and they just standing around. I mean the dudes the only ones partying for real. I just feel like that should have been brought home and done right IJS

  • MJ


  • dayum

    Nicki Minaj still got that ass

  • bigErn

    That hair looks like spagett, fuckin half-moon murfucker haha

  • bigErn

    And look at nicki trying to shake that surgical lump!

  • coolcat

    agreed not enough hoes

  • Nahson


  • Welsh

    I liked Wale better when he was making Seinfeld themed mixtapes.

  • Smoke

    ^Should have bought his debut album then. His debut flopped and his "artistic integrity" sold out quicker than a new iPhone.

  • dollars&cents

    can't believe this is what wale is making nowadays...

  • j1

    Wale been making this music since dig dug, ice cream girl, breakdown, and 1 ting about a player shit even bait. If you been listenin since 07 this aint nothin new

  • OG DC

    If you aint from the wouldn't understand....all you Seinfeld niigas...that was different when it came out for Wale....but this shit here...he been doing that before the Seinfeld shit. Check your facts....My man J1 had that shit right.....As far as niggas selling out all he doing is playing the game...It's only so many times you can flop and it's a wrap.

  • Da_Father

    Juicy J with that 90s outfit. ahahaha

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