As a producer that has worked extensively with both Jay-Z and Eminem, Just Blaze speaks about how he linked up with Jay-Z (crediting Amil and Bathgate of all people) and explains the difference of working with the two.

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  • tre

    who won on renegade ? easy ! Royce

  • marty mcfly

    Its crazy how deep of a song Renegade is and all these years later people still cant really understand it. Renegade is not a MC battle song and personally I dont think Em had a "better" verse but lets say Em did have the best verse and then lets say that the verses on Renegade was the only song Jay has ever done. So those rhymes would make up the underlined theme of his whole artistry. Outside of just rhymes, what is the point of what Jay is saying? Ok now most people still say Em had a better verse right? You have some that view the song as a lyrical battle of sorts and thats cool but its alot of people that just dont like what Jayz has to say because they feel some kinda way about his perspective in comparison to Ems and that for me is why I like that song.

  • justsayin

    Just was about to throw Jay under the Em bus. not so smooth bruh

  • Becker

    defending jay z and putting his balls deep down your throat before anyone says anything. What a biggity bitch. ( spits in marty's eye)

  • marty mcfly

    Its not about Jayz, its about rhymes and the context of those rhymes but your gay mentality only thinks dicks and balls. LOL

  • EmStansAreFuckinWeird/AwkardIndivisoulsBruh

    Em had a song with Bruno Mars before Jay did comercial friendly HolyGrail. They both aren't where they're suposse to be musically. I fuck with Hov more tho. Hov is and always was on a grown man state of mind lyrically, while Em has been on some fuckboy shit in the past. I can't fuck with Em stans bruh, they're into slim shady em still. Anyway my point I guess is Hov over Em even tho Em has those bars, it doesn't matter cuz I could take Hov seriously because of his past work

  • thatoneguy

    LMAO.... "who had the better verse on renegade, jay or em?"

    this motherfucker askin the questions is a heartless baby killer... lol wow.

  • U Mad Bro?

    The irony is one of Jay's most famous lines form that song describes this whole "debate/argument" over who had the best verse... "Do you fools listen to music or do you just skim through it??"

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