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Joined by Mary Lambert, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis perform their hit single "Same Love" at the 2013 VMAs. Check it out above and watch the rest of the performances here.


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  • jwiii

    this boy got to be backed by a major or he sure knows how to politics. anyways, great song!

  • jwii

    also, he gets mad respect for having the original singer up there. wish the entire crew continued success

  • LA

    ^^^ You must be a fag smh this song makes me wanna throw up

    Macklemore is a corny ass rapper to me!

  • kamu

    How you make it in the demonic music industry? Make a pro gay song and denounce the church of Christ. Yup this clown will be in this bullshit industry for a long time. Another whitey trying to take over our culture if you let maintream Fuckers tell it.

  • RSX

    What do christianity and homophobia have to do with hip-hop? Miss me with that ignorant shit kamu, the best rapper out is Jewish. Dick-in-the-booty individuals ain't forcing you to change the way you live, so return the favor and leave em be.

  • jwiii

    LA & Kamu, yep! A corny ass pro-gay rapper who knows his history has managed to cause more positive change in peoples lives than your hating ass selves. Mackelmore for the win.

  • kamu

    The best rapper out is a Jew.. look you ignorant parasite Jew is not a race but a religious belief and Drake is not the best mc also he does not follow the Jewish faith so he's not a Jew.. and the homosexual agenda is real and that's all I'm going to say since I know both of you won't get it anyways.

  • jwiii

    Actually, being jewish is an "ethnicity" as much as being "black" in America is a culture.. There is no really "race", it's a social concept. We're all the same species. Maybe if we all stayed isolated for over 300,000 years there'd be enough genetic variation to warrant race but alas that was not the case.

  • jwiii

    Also, I want to make it clear. Fuck you Kamu.

  • kamu

    You must be a so called Jew to come up with some bullshit like that. Black is a colour now African is a race. Black has never been a culture I mean were the fuck are you coming with this. Furthermore Jew = religion not race or ethnicity you see my ignorant friend Hebrews practice Judaism IMAP ethiopians and both of those are ethnic groups. Good night you Fucking moron

  • Mr.November

    IDK if anyone noticed that its not Jennifer Hudson lol

  • jwiii

    There is a "black" culture that was formed uniquely in the USA. Go learn some basic history. Judiasm is a religion but it's also an ethnicity. Again, learn some history.

  • Obi Juan

    Oh shut the hell up about religion and gays and what not. There is no God. You're still listening to fairy tales from people who didn't even know the world was round. Humanity and our world was birthed from the stars. Religion is just a crutch for the weak-minded.

  • Marcel

    Mad respect for him choosing this song for his performance!

  • Deeznutz805

    Did anyone else notice how awkward ASAP Rocky looked next to Jason dude looked like he thought he was gonna get raped the whole time...

  • damnrightIsupportit

    You guys are missing the ENTIRE point of this song and the performance. He spent his entire life watching a family member that he loved be ridiculed and treated unfairly because of the person he loved. He's preaching a message thats important to him and his family and this is his way of supporting not only his family but showing others they arent alone. If you cant relate, then thats cool but to hate on someone for standing up for the ones they love, then that makes you a weak and ignorant person.

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