Back in April, during a breakdown of the production of his "Power Trip" single with Miguel, J. Cole previewed a beat he created for Jay-Z. Four months later and we've yet to hear anything regarding the song. Talking with UHTN, Cole says he's clueless on if something would actually be recorded to it, but if Hov doesn't claim it, he will.

Of course he heard it. He has that beat. He was supposed to do something on it but you gotta ask him what happened to it though. In my eyes that was supposed to be the first song he came out to when he opened up The Barclays Center, that’s what I made it for. I wanted it to be the whole anthem for the entire Brooklyn. I pictured him coming out to that but I think he was in like Daddy mode so he probably wasn’t in rap mode at that time. He’s still got that beat. If he doesn’t rap on it, I’m going to rap on it.

During the same promo run -- in support of his track "Miss America" being included in UBISOFT's Splinter Cell: Blacklist soundtrack -- Jermaine Cole revealed to VIBE/Miss Info's Mikey Fresh that he is re-shooting his "Crooked Smile" video, with the new version including Chili and having a story concept.

We have to re-shoot it. It came out nice but it just didn’t come out exactly how I wanted. It’s such an important song so I want the visual to match. If this was my first video than I would have panicked. We had to re-shoot “Work Out,” too.

He also believes the success of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' "Thrift Shop" opened the door for "Crooked Smile" to appear on Pop radio.

["Crooked Smile"] deserves to be the number one record in the country. I think Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” gave me hope for a song like this. I think he kinda… as weird as it is, and it’s always happens like this, the White boys got to open the door for Black people at White radio. It happened with Elvis, Eminem, Justin Timberlake, Robin Thicke, and now hopefully Macklemore with a song like “Thrift Shop” can allow “Crooked Smile” to get its proper shine at Pop Radio. Honestly, you can’t name me many songs better than… I don’t mean to sound crazy, but better than “Power Trip” as singles. They should have gave it a chance at Pop radio. All these Pop PDs weren’t giving rap a chance at all.

Born Sinner in stores now.


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  • brad stevens

    Its obvious Jay didnt think it was that hot....

  • kiddjewcee

    it was fire tho

  • fwq

    did he mean same love not threift shop?

  • malcyvelli

    Jermaine...you sounding real in denial right here bruh

    The reason why crooked smile isn't a huge smash is because it's not a catchy, poppy radio song, the message is great, it's cool but it's not some shit to jam to, that's some hold hands and sing "kum ba yah" funk which is cool, but it's not Thrift Shop level whatsoever

  • Me

    You know Jay wishes J. Cole was Drake.
    Like a father wishing his disappointing son was the valedictorian son across the street.

  • Me

    The beat he made for Jay is cold tho. Not gonna lie.

  • Smoke

    I kinda feel bad for J. Cole. Dude really works hard, looks up to his boss and respects him but gets nothing out of that relationship except for a contract and that's it. No features, promotion or tours with Jay.

    You look at all the other rap labels and they're like a team, even a family. Everyone has each other's back, dance in each other's videos, make features all the time. But Cole is all on his own over at Roc Nation.

  • Gifts

    ^Truth. Jay-Z won't even do the nigga a favor and hop on his beat. He couldn't even make it an iTunes bonus track on Magna Carta. No clue why Jay signed Cole when it seems like he can't even stand the guy.

  • JHP

    At least Jay-Z signed Cole and gave him a stepping stone to actually reach the level of success he currently has. If Jay had shot Cole down even after hearing Lights Please, it's safe to assume Cole may have not ever blew up. All that said, I will admit from the outside looking in, it appears that Hov doesn't do shit for Cole anymore. He put Cole on Blueprint 3 and gave Cole a verse on Cole World, but that's about it. You don't see Roc Nation dropping a compilation album, and giving Cole a chance to shine on a "Mercy", "Clique" monster-type record with Hov. That beat Cole made was pretty hard, Hov must have not though so though. If Jay did for Cole what Ross does for MMG, Ye for GOOD, or even TIP for Hustle Gang, then Cole would be that much bigger IMO. As for "Crooked Smile" the reason it doesn't have a chance on pop radio is it's not a catchy crossover poppy single, that's why all Macklemore's singles are so big (the being white thing aside).

  • Quincy

    @smoke, J. Cole doesn't look up to Jay-Z. Have you listened to his music. He used Jay-z as a stepping stone to get to where he is now. J. Cole looks up to Nas and 2Pac as his greatest influences not Jay-z. Jay-z has mismanaged J. Cole's career for the longest now. But then again even when he was president of Def Jam he didn't know what he was doing. And I think more so J. Cole doesn't want to be on any compilation album with other roc nation artist. J. Cole is his own artist with his own team. He long ago stopped repping for roc nation. And besides even though the beat is sick jay-z has long ago been putting out garbage lyrics. His beats are hot not his lyrics anymore. So J. Cole is going to have to bring justice to that brooklyn beat. Jay-z can't do it. Not anymore. Have you heard the lyrics on magna carta? Trash. Beats were hot though.

  • marty mcfly

    What more do you want Jay to do for this guy? Smh COMEONSON

  • marty mcfly

    I'll tell you this, Jayz put Cole in position to be a million dollar artist. If Cole is an ungrateful little bitch about it then tell him to go independent and get out of the music industry and take it back to the streets of NC.

  • W

    ^^^^Looks like someone caught bad feelings...

    J. Cole doesn't owe Jay-Z nothing. Jay-Z signed him to make money, it was a business deal for him, no it was a business deal for the both of them.

    If they were friends like that you would see them together hanging out or on every record with each other. They don't run in the same circles. But no, anybody that comes up sees a guy like jay-z or someone in the game as a way to be put on. Jay-Z profited from J. Cole's success but J. Cole is his own man and will do his own thing.

    Though I agree with Quincy Jay-Z haven't had a hot line in a long damn time. Jay-Z wouldn't be able to do that kind of beat justice.

  • skillz

    J. Cole needs to have hopped on that beat yesterday. fuck giving it to jay. No more hot beats for sucka MCs yeah JayZ is a sucka MC.

  • marty mcfly

    Nah Cole does owe him something and its called appreciation. If someone helps you accomplish your dreams then its deeper then just being friends. Jayz doesn't have time to kick it and ride around eating krispy kreme donuts with Cole cause he has business to handle. You say Jayz made money off Cole but how much money did Jayz have before he met Cole? How much money did Cole have before they met? So period end of story right there. Cole's only comment toward Jayz or about Jayz should be I have total respect for him period and they should never be even a shred of disrespect ever coming outta Cole's mouth toward Jay. You say Cole is his own man but a highly doubt he would be where he is if he tried to put out those albums with no industry help and with his own money behind it.

  • realtalk™

    jesus christ will this dude marty mcfly ever stop sucking jay-z's dic

  • marty mcfly

    You can apply that comment to any two people in which one helps change another persons life for the positive. You dont act like an ungrateful bitch after because your own ego and pride wont allow you to be thankful. Now I doubt Cole is as stupid as his fans in this situation but some things are just common sense. If your not on one year and your just a underground MC with nothing out and then the next your a millionaire on tours with Jayz, Rhinna, and Drake and you got a verse on a platinum selling album and you already more famous and mainstream then some hip hop veterans are before even your 2nd mixtape comes out then its simple, say thank you nigga. Again thats not hate or whatever thats just basic knowing how to act.

  • Piece Talk

    @marty mcfly, you say J. Cole owes Jay-Z but doesn't Jay-Z owe HIS ENTIRE CAREER AND FORTUNE TO Damon Dash. And look at how Jay-z used him and has long been dissing Damon Dash. Damon Dash created the blueprint that rapper follow now. Jay-z was just the product. You act as if Jay-Z hasn't had people help his career soar when he was younger and Jay-Z turned around and bit the hand that fed him. J. Cole's not doing that but my point is you can't expect one artist to be indebted to another for the rest of their life. When Jay-Z heard J. Cole the first time he didn't sign him but J. Cole was persistent and finally got a deal. J. Cole IS SOLELY RESPONSIBLE for his career from the start with him getting a deal and making something about it and turning that into millions. What did Jay-Z do but probably give him studio time. Understand that artist make it themselves. A deal is just a piece of paper with a signature on it. J. Cole brought in his own millions from hard work and etc.

    And besides Damon Dash isn't the first person who helped Jay-Z become successful so did others artist like Jaz-O. But look what happened Jay-Z has continued to diss him as well and he put Jay-Z on. It wasn't until the battle and lost to Nas that Jay-Z came around to understand it's not about breaking down niggas but building them up.

    Understand what you write because you can say the very same thing to Jay-Z. Where's Jaz-O's thank you.

  • j-klim

    If JayZ didn't sign J Cole someone else would have. I could be wrong but J Cole only looked for a deal from JayZ in New York. I never heard him going to someone else for a deal. Someone was sure to sign him.

  • marty mcfly

    You call Jayz "just a product" but that product was the music. When Dame met Jayz he was already an artist working on music with Jaz O. Now could Dame promote Jayz albums without Jayz? Of course not so Jay'z worth is right there in that simple fact. 2nd Dame and Jayz we're partners, Jay was not his "just a product" and there is a difference. Before Jay partnered up with Dame he already knew Russell Simmons and Puff so Jays mind was already moving in a direction. Dame also worked with these other labels and distribution companies to promote Jayz so it was not just Dame, it was actually a larger group effort. Again let me point out to you that you cant make a Jayz album without Jayz so the thought that Jay did not play the most significant part of his career when he actually is the subject of his own music itself is bullshit. Nobody signed Jayz to a record deal. Jay formed a team and had to sign himself to a company in which he was a partner and co founder in. Now you say Cole is IS SOLELY RESPONSIBLE for his career thus far? Ok well why did he sign a deal with Jayz? Why did he not turn down the deal and put out his own albums with his own Dreamville and his own money? Apparently Jay was involved right? How many mainstream releases did Cole put out before he met Jayz? ZERO. How did he get on BP3 if it wasn't through Jayz? It was and etc etc... There are a series of events thus far in Cole's career that could be linked back to Jayz. J Cole did not bring in millions on his own like your implying and a deal is not just a piece of paper. Its a contract in which the words on that paper actually mean something and by which Cole was already making money before he even had an album out. You say Jay betrayed people who helped him but where did you get that information from? Did Dame ever say Jay crossed him? With Jaz O, Jayz wasn't getting paid from him. Jayz has said at that time he came in with his own money. If the question is did Jayz play a huge role in the success of J Cole then the answer would be YES and why is that so hard for you Cole fans to come to terms with? The only way that could be false is if Cole himself said actually Jay has done nothing to help me and im moving totally independent and have been from day one. Thats the definition of not having help from Jayz. I remember when people first found out Jayz had signed Cole, now pause right there. Does singing with Jayz present some positive buzz worthy energy for an artists? Of course it does. If Jay makes a whole song called A Star Is Born and that album goes on to sell a million, does that help the artist? Of course it does. I could go on because you fools seem to not remember how Roc nation was actually helping this guy two years before his album release. far as Jay not helping artists? Beanie Sigel and State Prop, Cam and Dip Set, DJ Clue, Memphis Bleek, Foxy Brown, Kanye West, Just Blaze, Joe Budden, Jadakiss (The Last Kiss album), Wale, Rita Ora, Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Fabolous, Neyo, Rihanna, Lupe Fiasco etc... and yes J Cole and next Jay Electronica have all been somewhat linked to Jayz in one way or another. So just cut the bullshit. Artists who do things by themselves are known as independent labels, who at most just partner up with other labels for distribution (like Rocafella did). Cole is signed to Roc Nation and if he's not then show me where he's indie then. If you cant then yes Jayz has help this guy. FACT

  • marty mcfly

    @Piece Talk, when you want to get the information on Jayz career just get the information from Jayz himself. He has spoke on it a number of times and Dame has cosigned Jayz has being truthful when he talks about Rocafella. Also his book Decoded speaks on many different times early in his career. Jay has spoke on what he did himself to make his self successful and he has spoke on others who has helped him. He has not said that everything he has ever done was by himself, he recognizes that Rocafella was a company of a group of people BUT in that same conversation he refers to himself as thee BOSS. He has said many times that he was not taking orders from anyone, that it was actually him calling his own shots that whole time. I didnt say Cole owes him for the rest of his career, I said he should be thankful and recognize that he is not moving independently because he is not the boss over at Roc Nation, Big Homie is...

  • Piece Talk

    @marty mcfly, you're wrong. Jay-Z was never the boss of Rocafella Records. Dash and Biggs was. As I said Jay-Z was a product, an artist. Dash and Biggs did all his deals, got him the Annie beat, etc. and managed Rockafella Records. and yes Jay-z did get a deal it was a distribution deal that Dash got. How do you think he got his records in stores. Rockafella did not have the funds to distribute his albums. Jay-Z didn't sign Memphis Bleek or Dipset. BOSS MY ASS.

    As for J. Cole Roc Nation wasn't helping him 2 years before his album. Listen to the actual story. You want to talk about getting info from a person themselves. Jay-Z's label wanted hits from J. Cole, basically radio records while his shit was being shelved. So J. Cole put his own produced mixtape out without the premisson from the label and when that was a success they had no choice but to put out his debut album. As I said J. Cole owes Jay-Z nothing. And besides you don't even know what kind of deal J. Cole has with Roc Nation. Whether it's solely distribution, marketing or etc. One thing you have to understand is nobody is concerned with Jay-Z and Jay-Z doesn't make or break another rappers career. Jay-Z was a puppet to Dash and Biggs and finally after getting dicked around he stood up for himself and left to form his own shit after bitching about his masters which Dash still owns part of them.

    You seem to want to act like you known everything right? So ponder me this what has Jay-Z actually done for J. Cole's career? Jay-Z has never produced a record for him, Jay-Z has never executive produced any of his albums, never been apart of his A&R team, his management or marketing. Jay-Z maybe owner of Roc Nation but he doesn't run Roc Nation or it's day to day. And Roc Nation is not the only company attached to J. cole's career. Jay-z was just a co sign no different then when Jaz-O did for him. Artist get signed for one reason because the company that signed them wants to make money and view said artist as a profit machine.

    Everybody says jay-Z is a business man but what business does he run? He has hired people to run his shit for him. I highly doubt he's making the deals you think he's making. Nobody is concerned with what Jay-Z does or has done in the rap game. He's been done for a decade now. He has a hit on the charts now that has Justin Timberlake signing the entire song so it's more of a Justin Timberlake song then Jay-z one.

    Oh, for your question, How did he get on BP3 if it wasn’t through Jayz?
    Answer: Because Jay-Z was an old bird needing these young rappers to sell his album.

    Hova Down, Nigga get that right.

  • Smarty McFly

    Cole gotta build his own team like Kanye did with Good Music! Then Jay will come back and make collabs.. if not! Jay will only see Cole as a Modern Day Memphis Bleek! tryina piggy back. Kanye went out to be Better than Jay not piggy back and ride his nuts!

  • marty mcfly

    How is Jay not the boss of Rocafella records when he is a founder and the flagship artist all in one? You talk about how did Jay get albums in stores but who the fuck made the album? Again, Dame could not sell a Jayz album if there was no Jayz so therefore being that Jay is also a founder, his position is more instrumental to the success of the Roc then Dames was. It would not make sense that the guy who plays two positions is "just the product", no cause again Jayz is a founder of Rocafella. He put up money to get the ship sailing and he did the music and when Rocafella had its first office, Jayz had a room in which he was considered the boss. Dame and Biggs we're helping Jay not enslaving him for his music. One thing you have to understand is that anything with Jays brand on it can be cosigned as him having involvement from Rocafella to Roc Nation. If Jay is not helping Cole then why does it say Roc Nation on Cole's album? Now was Cole on BP3 in 2009? Who's album is that? Now you mean to tell me that being on a Jayz album for a new artist is Jay doing nothing? Who is Cole signed to? So how did Cole's album get in stores then? So thats nothing? How much money did Jay have before Cole? So you honestly feel that Cole is doing Jay the favor by signing under him? NO. Jayz was not signed to Jaz O, it was actually Jayz that was trying to help Jaz O put together his major debut and when he got dropped, Jayz offered him a deal. After all it was Jayz life that Jaz O was rapping about and it was Jayz jewelry around Jaz O neck to begin with. You say Jayz is done but check the stats lil nigga cause he 10x hotter then Cole will ever be in the music industry. You say what has Jay done? Again, any time the name Jayz is associated with an artist and thats including the name Rocafella and Roc Nation, just know that those artists are getting way more then Jayz is outta the deal. Jay was already worth a hundred plus million dollars before he even met most these people.

  • marty mcfly

    For your theory to be true Cole would have to be an independent artist and also the head of Roc Nation. We both know he is neither. Before 2008-9 Cole was not hot in hip hop, he had no substantial commercial success, he had no albums in stores, he had no platinum or gold records and nobody gave a fuck about him. Along comes Jayz, meaning tell Cole to respect this nigga at all times period. Thats just being honest with himself.

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