During his time on Sway in the Morning, Just Blaze shared a few words about a sequel to "Song Cry" that he and Jay-Z recorded for The Black Album. Revealing the song, titled "Hello Young Lady," was basically a continuation of The Blueprint single that didn't make the final cut. He also shared that a debate arose about possibly featuring the song on Magna Carta.... Holy Grail, but we all know that obviously didn't pan out. Hopefully Just can convince Jay to just let it go.

The discussion continued with Just Blaze speaking in detail about his involvement in the next Slaughterhouse album. Stating that the four horsemen aren't emailing in verses this time and are actually sharing the studio time to socially interact and create the LP together as a unit. Wanting to improve the core chemistry, possibly incorporating Jada/Styles back-and-forth style rhymes instead of everyone just recording their "meanest 16" and having the engineer handle the rest.

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  • stopit5

    Is it just me, or does just blaze seem like that one guy who will never be cool. Like.. the dude produced some of the biggest rap songs ever.. and he still seems like.. if he shows up to a party, he might get a nuggy.

  • word

    ^^dude looks ashy and frail

  • KING

    Dude stays rockin his lil brothers tee.

  • Psyence

    Slaughterhouse? how did Just fall so hard?

  • Jus10

    Sounds like a major step up from the last album, but the level of sellout on the second album still makes me suspicious about this one. Fingers crossed.

  • Bosco

    Lmao! I can picture dudes he grew up with telling him, "call jay-z right now if you know him?" haha

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