Back in 2005 on "The Biggest Lie" Murs once rapped "The problem with Hip Hop... shit nothing at all/ It's an art form that ranges and it changes it evolves." Eight years later and it seems as if some of the same thoughts are still troubling the Living Legend as he expresses in the premiere of Vans' OTW Minute series. Saying Hip Hop has been an "adolescent art form" for the past three decades because some artists refuse to grow up and take responsibility.

Hip Hop has been an adolescent art form for 30 years now and it's unacceptable. Al Pacino plays a gangster, plays a helluva gangster, plays a better gangster than anything else. But he's never been a gangster. And that's ok, because we find it entertaining. There's rappers that feel they have to exude this thing. I'm like 'you're a great gangster rapper, you're not really a gangster.' They had warrior poets. They weren't in the war. Their job was to tell the story of the warriors. It's art and it's entertainment. It's ok if this kid knows you're an actor, or you're an artist. Because he's gonna become a better artist and a human being because of that.

Murs also spoke on his childhood, shared his artistic inspirations and even kicked some positive bars.


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  • Jus10

    I can't see the video, but it's great anytime someone stands up and speaks the truth. The sad part is, you can't call these fake rappers out because then the fake rapper will just respond with a diss track, and it will boost the fake rappers "credibility".

    But like I said, I can't see the video. Any news about a new album? :)

  • Raƒ

    He's working on the graphic novel thing (which is a essentially a soundtrack)

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