A couple weeks back, Kanye West made an outrageous claim in that "the 2nd verse on New Slaves is the best rap verse of all time... meaning... OF ALL TIME IN THE HISTORY OF RAP, PERIOD." And while many folks (including me) expressed their opinions on their chosen outlet, I don't recall any actual responses from emcees. Enter Add-2.

For years now, I've been praising the Chicago emcee's talent and hoping for his "time" to come. And while there are full-length projects -- most recently Save.Our.Souls and the 2DBZ-premiered More Missed Calls -- that better showcase his abilities overall, it would be dope to see Add's response garner the eyes and ears he deserves.


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  • gt

    kanye verse with the feel of the song was better than this

    the song still dope though he just used that title so people will click on it which i feeel he didnt have to



  • bitchessuckmydickcauseilooklikejkrowling

    Lil B 2nd verse on Wonton Soup > 2nd verse on new slaves

    • T


  • lol

    this is fucking terrible

  • Unkown

    Had high exceptions for this, not to say Kanye's bullshit verse is great or anything.

  • C

    Add-2's verse on "Say Whatever" >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Jerry

    shake u fell off a long time ago ma nigga

  • :

    Add-2 is a better MC than Kanye. He can rhyme for days

  • david

    "For years now, I’ve been praising the Chicago emcee’s talent"

    It doesn't go unnoticed. Keep giving props when due, although there aren't as many nice MCs as there are wack ones it adds balance to all the Kanye/ Minaj/2 Chainz/ Drake/ Khaled/ Wayne/ Future/ French Montana /A$AP posted a little too regularly on here

  • dagel

    sick rhymes and word play, but shitty delivery. dude's time never gonna come till he fixes his delivery.

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