Just Blaze is providing the score for the new Ninja Turtles game, which drops August 7th on the XBox Arcade, and in this clip he speaks on the game, his favorite Turtle, and more.

If this game doesn't have Bebop AND Rocksteady, or reminds me of Turtles In Time, then this whole setup is invalid in my eyes.


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  • Da Gawd

    So very dope

  • Fish

    Nostalgia, mane. Now we just need a new Streets of Rage . . . *fingers crossed like a muh fugga*

  • Hoodah

    no ps3??

  • http://thehusker.com MidWestFlyest

    No, we need a live action Thundercats movie. Anyways, no matter what happens with the movie, at least the soundtrack will be bangin.

  • The Real TC

    Hopefully that preview isn't what the whole soundtrack is like. I mean, who gets Just Blaze to produce something and asks for a generic street beat?

    Also, I saw some of the new shit they did with TMNT and I gotta say, they need to bury it and let us just enjoy the light-hearted nostalgia of the old joints.

  • Da Gawd

    *SALUTE* FISH on that Streets of Rage

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