To help bring awareness to the recently-released "Onemosphere" t-shirt, Rhymesayers threw up the intro track to one of my personal favorite Atmosphere albums, 2002's God Loves Ugly. New heads... enjoy. Old heads... reminisce. Scroll further South for a look at the shirts as well (which are available at FifthElement).




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  • MidWestFlyest

    Classic album. Slug was blazed AF for that album cover. Funny story, look it up.

  • runt

    Best Atmosphere album IMO

  • YouGots2Chill

    I only messed with the stuff before this album.You wont catch me bumpin that shit nowadays tho LOL.


    Atmosphere is trash! We strictly jamming soulja boii and RiFF RaFF ova here@ BEACH IS BETTER!

  • created619

    after this album, i didn't like the music slug was putting out as much. not saying it's bad, just didn't feel like this. This is when atmosphere was doe. They were pretty new, it was so fun keeping up with them an eyedea, aesop rock, el-p, eastern conference records, etc... when underground hip-hop was really underground. those were the days...

  • runt

    you got to be tripping if you didn't like

    You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having
    If Life Gives You Lemons
    Strictly Leakage
    Sad Clown EPs

    Take another listen to those. They're just as dope as this album.

  • Bryan

    awesome song... Atmosphere is so tight

  • man


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