MMG's Stalley premieres his latest clip for "Swangin'" alongside Scarface.


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  • jwiii

    Massillion is a nice country side town. It's got a dope bookstore but is not a hood and definitely not ghetto. Stop pretending otherwise Stalley. Shit is silly

  • Swangin!

    ^^ always gotta be a muthafucker to talk down at least he's doing something and you ain't go listen to young roddys cookin up track intro!! But besides that nonsense song hella dope & finally it dropped!!

  • Mac Dre

    @jwiii Massillon? Get your spelling right first off. Second, what city in Ohio isn't a country side town. Massillon is a small city, but it's not some goody-two-shoes town from the '50s. It's all working class and low income people there. He doesn't try to pretend it's something it's not. His movement has that mentality right in the name. BLUE COLLAR Gang, as in Massillon is a blue collar (meaning working class if you don't know) town.

  • uju

    whatever happened to G-side?
    I guess blockbeattaz own tht beat.

  • LacLady

    I liked stalley before he fkd with this dude rappn about the same shhh most dudes rap about...dude went hard and had ill ish to say rather then bs. Take it back to POUND!!!!

  • Betty D. Barras

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  • fucking dummy

    always gotta be somebody. thank you @LacLady for filling that void. I was wondering when the associative hate was going to pop up. you're such a dumbass. have you even listened to his old shit? or this song? its all the same you fucking idiot

  • realness

    Stalley tell MMG to quit fuckin ya and make a release date for the album....the dude has been promoting this single for like almost 4 months, losing buzz

  • everythingmatters

    im confused... how does one "twerk" a wheel? some of this artistic license stuff just goes right over my head

  • Famous

    'Twerk' used to mean 'to work' before it was 'to dance'

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