On July 10th, ELMNT will still be releasing his Stara-Nova project. But to help hold fans over, the Toronto emcee drops off a six-track "ships-tape" inspired by Sixto Rodriguez and his best known song "Sugar Man."

Jays are killing shit, Kawasaki’s a G, the weather is hot as shit, Stara-Nova’s done, just quit my job, still penniless, got a record in Serbia killing shit in the turbo folk scene (need a Vice doc), Got to record with Rass Kass, Wu family & Tragedy Khadafi.. Never thought I’d get to say that shit, finally shed this anger, found God in the Devil’s playground, watched cage matches on replay, drank Bombay, pissed Georgette off & learned all about love, all over again. Live life, glorious, don’t know really how poor he is. LIFE. BLESSED. Silver Magic Ships. Stara-Nova, July 10th. Rez, Jaff, Jay, Stan, thanks.

Stream/download below.

DOWNLOAD: ELMNT - Silver Magic Ships EP


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  • blue

    I honestly want to know who's the marketers that manage to get Mek and Shake to bend over and post shit like this, like come on guys. In '08 you took no shit from anyone (except lupe). Now you're posting everything these well connected managers and marketers force you to post.

  • DopeAura

    @blue I dnt know wat u mean dudes okay he aint tht bad. What part did you not like about him?

  • who cares

    @blue - I don't know what rock you just called out from under, but the dopehouse has been posting this dude's music for years. Like, back when he was still Element and not ELMNT.

  • B


  • adi Pre


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