New Music from Asher Roth as he releases an original track called "Pop Radio" and does a freestyle over Mobb Deep's "Pearly Gates". His upcoming mixtape, The Greenhouse Effect Vol. 2 will be dropping Tuesday on June 25th.

PREVIOUS: Asher Roth – Treat Me Like Fire (rmx)


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  • CABNumber

    Blu >>> Asher Roth >>> Mobb Deep

  • Darcizzy

    This is dooooooppppeeee!!!!

  • #Tru

    @CABNumber No One>>>Gives A>>> Flying Fuck

  • Ill Son

    I want the ALBUM! Dude spent too much time away, seriously! His debut was on point. Bought it on 4/20 and burned one while "Blunt Crusin". Seriously he spoke some real off that "Pearly Gates".

  • yeezy

    any hipster douche white rapper = asher roth. they all suck

  • jobie

    Sooooo dope. Damn Asher

  • adi Pre

    Both sick tracks, looking forward to this, first tape was sick.

  • oneday

    i would really like to hear those tracks with pharrell he did..

  • The rumors are true

    Man this dudes flow is crazy

  • basick

    maybe cuz im in mexcio but i cannot connect to this....

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