Directed by Cus Maven

With Fly.Union behind the boards, Dee drops a set of visuals for his bass-heavy number off of last summer's College Kids & Dropouts Vol. 2.


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  • T-Luv

    Is that miley cyrus

  • Charlie Mak

    Hahahahaha @ Miley cyrus

  • Philly boi

    Everything will soon be #AllGoodz

  • kkk

    not only is ths not any different from any shit out, but it isnt even half good. it shit. try be something different at least. fucking boring ass niggers

  • Andrew

    @kkk hahaha youre a lame. this is an old record he dropped for the fans...go listen to some corny shyt about drugs i guess and get off Dee's nutz #AllGoodz

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