You know how Fridays are almost always "slow musical content day-slash-magazine cover release day?" Welp, here's another such occasion! With "Can't Hold Us" going double-platinum, Method Man's BFF and his running mate grace the cover of the magazine's latest issue to talk the independent hustle.

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  • farrah

    people noping this. is it really horrible that Hip Hop can still reach these sales? Especially on an indie? all the black people and the white wigger haters hate anything by anybody thats not Em. regardless of what kind of music they make (and it sounds like inspirational music) these guys are showing hip hop and music in general that we can still live through these low times and even excel in it while working with less

    • Think Like Ya Enemy

      This is not hip hop
      It's just not.

  • The Real

    Macklemore and Ryan deserve all the success. its sad people will never see past the race gap and just focus on the music between these 2.

  • 780 & Heartbreak

    macklemore would never have made it without ryan lewis' production.. he is the only reason these songs are selling so well

  • Jason Galindo

    @&80 & Heartbreak... I know right? It's a shame that they only ever give credit to Macklemore, and Billboard Magazine should be ashamed for not having both artists on the cover. Jackass. I saw an interview with Ryan Lewis where he said that he prefers being behind the scenes because the spotlight isn't always as glamorous as others think. Ryan Lewis gets all of the credit Macklemore gets, I'm pretty sure they both feel the same.

  • Code

    It's not even a race issue. I just don't see those records soaring like they did without any extra forces behind it. Can't Hold Us is a great record and Thrift Store was catchy for what it was, but out of ALL the great indie acts out here you're telling me Macklemore just found two number one singles that resonated that much with not just hip hop but pop culture? I dunno.

  • RD

    @Think Like Ya Enemy
    This is most definitely hip-hop. There is room for an array of styles in hip-hop, and that's the beauty of hip-hop's diversity. These two may not reflect the traditional boom bap style or whatever it is you may be comparing their sound to, but give credit where it is due, and respect the genre for growing and making room for so many talented artists.

  • farrah

    This is not hip hop
    It’s just not."

    oh I didn't think about it like that. thats amazing reasoning. your mom kiss you on the forehead for shit like that? "Its just not." this could potentially answer the question to the universe. "It’s just not."
    on a related note, Hip Hop is pop. even underground hip hop isn't really underground. we have the internet sir. one guy can get his whole city on his back by posting a song on bandcamp. Trinidad James had the support of both the country of Trinidad and the American state of Atlanta behind him for Gold Everything before his mixtape dropped and could probably sell 500k his first week for his next mainstream album. So when you make conspiracy theories on how these guys could possibly get so much popularity off of 2 songs, just stop for a second and do some research. is it possible that these guys could have maybe, possibly, in some stroke of luck, related to all those people and brought them all together through their work?
    nah, impossible. thats stupid. sorry about that.

  • jundamane24

    Props to these dudes, i remember everyone fucked with them before thrift shop blew up and now most people are hating because they "sold out"...fuck outta here, its always good to see the indie artist make it. too many fkn haters out there these days...

  • naoshad


  • js

    otherside is really what blew them up period. This album pretty much just fed the hunger that track alone built.

  • Realtalk

    i agree if you ask anyone who didnt just now find out about them what song they like best or made them start listening its going to be otherside.

  • yaman

    Nope for me it was 'I said' Look it up

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