With the release date of his Stara-Nova project still unknown, the Toronto native decides to liberate another leak.

Decided to put out something new.. wrote this 8-9 months ago when I was living in my manager Jay's basement, remember it being a weird coincidence that I got a call out of the blue that same afternoon and asked if I was interested in recording in Europe. Strange experience. Decided not to take the contract, came back with 22 euros strong & rebuilding, $hit happens. RI$K$.


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  • who cares

    Dope. He's really progressed as an artist. Is it just me or does his delivery on this sound like Kendrick? Especially in that first verse.

  • http://N/A nah

    EXACTLY! bitin' ass rap dudes
    fuck this guy

  • LupinIII


  • http://twitter.com/talktoelmnt el.

    I genuinely appreciate any comparison & can respect an opinion, Kendrick's one of the best but there's 0 intention to follow anyone's drum around here. Fuck your blog post dunny, step your review bars up.


  • realtalk™

    I think I heard this guy's song over Kanye's White Dress.. sounded exactly like Kendrick on that one too..

  • http://N/A maybe

    well, I'm not a reviewer.

    THIS is a COMMENT section.

    so... I made a COMMENT.

    I'M NOT an aspiring blogger, so thank you for the passive-aggressive post but, I have NO need to "step my review bars up".

    also, there's clear recorded evidence that you did apparently (see: comment above mine) march shamelessly to the beat of Kendricks drum on at least two occasions. Perhaps you should be more conscious of your influences.

    Step your artistic integrity "bars" up, and ditch "dunny" You sound like a Mobb Deep weed carrier.

    I hate how this has turned into me being an asshole and I do want to apologize for the "fuck this guy" comment, looking at it again its fucking harsh and a bit much. it's just frustrating hearing the amount of rubbish flooding the internet and every other "Artist" sounds like they go about listening to just whoever the fuck happens to be "on top" (quote overkill, I know, I'll stop).

    I seldom throw my 2 cents out into the comment section, you honestly don't owe me shit.

    This isn't coming from a place of jealousy. I'm not some blogger or rapper wanna-be, I don't try to create music of any kind on my computer or in anyone's basement and I don't attempt to write articles. I am, however, a person that supports those who create art. I consume a lot of it and try to find as much of it as I can (reason I clicked this post and pressed play). I gain nothing from denying talented individuals and I do look forward to more people from home achieving all the things they dream of, as long as it is ART they intend to exchange for what others also work hard to make.

    Your production on this though >>>>>>

  • http://n/a Bojan

    I would have never reacted to a blog post such as your latest, everyone has their opinion.

    Thank you for reaching out regardless.


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