Artwork by Zeph Farmby.

After hiting y'all with a couple 2dope leaks, the DopeHouse is proud to give the world premiere of Add-2's latest mixtape offering. As a follow-up to 2011's One Missed Call, the Chicago emcee dedicates More Missed Calls to his loyal fans w/ features and production from ANTHM, Sean Boog, Asia Monique, Slot-A, DJ Scend, J-Rell, Thelonious Martin, Khrysis and more. Hit the jump to stream/download and let Add know your thoughts on Twitter.

DOWNLOAD: Add-2 More Missed Calls (Mixtape) [Bandcamp]


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  • fuck-off-flxtch

    time to check this out

  • CuttyBuddy

    Been waiting ALL DAY for this! Add never disappoints. NEVER

  • M1

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSS! I'm on an Add-2 album. MAMA I MADE IT! Haha I'm actually turnt up like its my album. Dat shit is dope. MUCH RESPECT ADD DEUCE!

  • Writers Wednesday


  • Stanley Stiffla

    Dope as fugg! Will be featured on our next radio show fo sho!

  • Walker

    Real rap!!

  • Joe Cold

    Who the fuck is Bugginout?
    That nigga nice!

  • CuttyBuddy

    Fuck what you heard Add is one of the most consistent niggas and this tape just further stamped it. Been a fan since Vol3 and each time he gives the fans what they want. I dont even care if the rest of the world wake up cause im ggeting a chance to liste to one of the best mc's I heard in my life. Chicago got a gem. Keep shining Add

  • oops

    I'm just posting to say I accidentally hit the nope button. Shit. This is dope.

  • lonely stoner

    Unbelievable! Dude needs to hit the big time, too much talent to be anything but a star, you got fans Add 2, just keep it real an u gunna shine bruh

  • The Producer

    Dope, keep it going man, you got my vote

  • stalker

    Real talk, I'm feeling dude more than Kendrick. Fuck it, he might be my favorite artist out!

  • Chase Scott

    Man, the production on this alone is cold.'re not human. I can't express enough how refreshing it is to have a project that delivers melodically as low volume easy listening and can sounds like A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT SONG when cranked all the way the fuck up. Thanks for not sacrificing dynamics in music! I still have yet to listen to the project as a whole. I'll post another comment once I do, til then, be easy.

  • 808s

    thank you . this project mustve taken alot of time and hard work . respect man!

  • M1

    Just want to say Paper, Underdog, NobodyIKnow is ri-fuckin-diculous

  • Ronnie Puffmostly

    DJ Scend all dsy!

  • Duwell

    Chitown family... Good Business Sir!

  • Ashley

    So dope!! Been waiting for new music like this for a long time!

  • AngieStarzy

    Goodness! ChiMusic. <3

  • Marco

    I hit the NOPE button by mistake, I was just too excited to download this!

  • SouthSide773

    classic! the one man duo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Igotcha

    Favorite artist for years now. Add always comes through.

  • Shady80

    I never feel the need to comment on anything, but damn....this is amazing.

  • C

    This is just unfair... lyrically ahead of our time... and some of the songs are just soooo deeeeep. Mothers Day, Dear You, and Couples Therapy smh...

    Add-2 >>>>>>

  • Rob

    Yo Man that last messages interlude beat is bomb!!! Chill as shit.

  • Terry did your thing on this one. Dope

  • Sherri

    I'm loving all this.

  • CuttyBuddy

    After getting a chance to fully sit down and listen to it More Missed Calls is my favorite tape so far along with KRIT. Lyrically he delivers on everything and as a fan of 90's hip hop I am loving the beats even the interludes.

  • Montana

    This is immensely Chicago. Intentional or not. This has shades of All Natural, Common, Lupe, etc...Lots of great music. Missed calls in general reminds me of "another wasted evening..." Very happy with the content and concept driven tracks. Thank you and congrats.

  • Big Pookie

    Mid-West music is finally is getting it's fair shake, this is really great project!

  • Yep

    Gave it a listen today. This is some great stuff. Gonna have to go back and listen to the first one

  • kyrnan

    real hip-hop. this shits on just about everything else out right now.

  • Danny

    This too good


    Props for this quality release. 2DB redeemed themselves for hyping up wack ass "blog rappers". ADD-2 has crazy talent, beautiful music. props props.

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