As a self-proclaimed Outkast stan, I always take time to read/listen to pretty much anything that involves the East Point duo. And today, Ryan Hemsworth has added his signature sound to track two off Aquemini. As part of first issue of Pure Baking Soda's Cooking By The Book magazine series; which explores and presents the beginnings of Andre 3000 and Big Boi. Sadly, the limited edition mag (200 in French, 100 in English) is sold out right now. Hopefully it gets stocked soon (and someone reminds me when it does haha). ao-ao.


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  • Big joe

    East point!

  • http://www.6' 6’5

    why would 2dopeboyz post this bullshit?!
    im pretty sure there are 100 other CHOPPED N SCREWED versions on youtube. fuck makes this so special

  • Whatever

    The fuck is this? Come on dude.

  • firebros206

    You aren't going to do anything better than the original Period

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