Shortly after being named one of XXL's 2013 Freshmen, Logic is now the newest employee over at Def Jam. According to DX...

"I'm excited to take this next step in my career," said Logic in a press statement. "It's incredible for Def Jam [Records] and Visionary Music Group to work together and the opportunity to collaborate with a living legend like No I.D. is priceless. I'm very humbled to be apart of the most iconic hip hop label of all time."

"Logic has a great future ahead and we are happy to have him at Def Jam. He has the talent to be a great artist and make a strong presence in our industry ," said No I.D., EVP A&R, Def Jam Recordings and Executive Producer of Logic's forthcoming debut album.

Congrats to the young buck.

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  • Warner

    Def jam must have felt left our seeing as how young money and roc nation already have drake and cole. They went got a little hybrid wannabe to fill the void lol


    ^ I see your point, but making a bigger one, you do realise Def Jam makes money off Young Money right? And Def Jam is owned by Universal who JAY-Z and therefore Roc Nation just signed to?

    Most everything is related in one way or another to either Universal, Sony BMG or Warner Music Group.

    Unless the artist is unsigned or at a true independent label, those three run game.

  • NoPointInPosting


    Who cares, wtf has Def Jam done the last 10 years.

  • frylock

    ^exactly, they can't even properly manage the actual real talent they have like Big K.R.I.T.

  • erw

    lol watch his hipster fans are going to turn on him now. congrats though.

  • malcyvelli

    i believe the hipster fans are gonna turn too most likely,i been a fan of the dude since last summer though, hope he drops more fire

  • Famous

    Def Jam? Ouch.

  • wrecks

    what hipster fans?

    he has that frat rap demographic right now. they'll ride with him unless he goes pop.

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