In between preparing both his Port Authority 2 and Newport Authority 2 projects, Marco is also working on Hannibal Stax's album titled Seize the Day. The album features one guest spot from Torae with production handled entirely by Marco Polo and is expected to hit iTunes and retail outlets on May 7th.

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PURCHASE: Hannibal Stax (of Gang Starr Foundation) x Marco Polo - 46 Bars of Death


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  • Zane

    What a waste of a great beat. It was death listening to those 46 bars. The only way I would give him stax is if he ate himself.

  • DM (E Town)

    The cat up top^^^^^^^ ____NO SIR. If there was any gauge available to Rate the Real...
    YOU JUST HEARD IT! ____That was FLAMES!!!! (Thank you) To all those who contributed.

  • Class BK

    i just previewed this whole Album on Itunes and its rare i say a mc is nice especially now a days and i mean very rare! i only bought 3 Albums within the 2000 era period ,Mf Doom operation dooms Day,Benefience Side walk Science ,Roc Marcino and i must say this is up there with them! im not a fan of marco polo but he did his thing with this Album! this should get album of the year! if he can come Back with another album like this he would be top 3 mcs out of bk! Along wit Biggie ,Big Daddy Kane! Salute !

  • Ronzo

    This beat is cold

  • Da Gawd

    This is fuckin ill.

    Marco is one of the best doing it

    Hannibal Stax sounds like KGR on this.

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