Rock lets loose the "first of many" remixes to his latest song, replacing Date Rape Wilkins' roofie declaration with a new verse from new father Wiz Khalifa. Props to X.


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  • KatoXV

    Why cant Wiz always spit like this?


    I keep hearing about this song but its very average

  • Kenny the kid

    lmfao Dead @ Date Rape Willkins

  • Cado

    I Dont Care What Anybody Says, Rick Ross Had The Best verse On U.O.E.N.O. They Just Know Trippin Over His Lyrics?

  • malcyvelli

    lmao "date rape wilkins"

  • lbc

    hope Crooked jumps on this beat.

  • Lbc is brain dead

    Wow really dude crooked sucks he would be the last person that I would hear someone wants on this track listen to real rappers crooked is the worst out of slaughterhouse and that's a fact no opinion

  • Acid Rain

    LBC IS BRAIN retarded.....Crooked WOULD kill this...but that doesnt matter...let talk about this nigga Wiz and how killed that shit..

  • Josh Rich Raps Official

    I like this version better that Date Rape Wilkins's version. Wiz just reminded everyone that he's a rapper.

  • Mo

    Date Rape Wilkins? MEKA, you are a FOOL

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