With his upcoming project Stara-Nova near completion, the Canadian spitkicker drops off a brand new single.

For anybody that's ever felt real challenges, blood, sweat, tears in their life. For anyone that's been stripped bear just to find themselves in nothingness. For anyone who needs to realize / is realizing / has realized how powerful love is. For anyone that feels indifferent, intolerable to racial discrimination. No more guns, no more ego's, no more wars, no more tribes. It's our time." - Bojan ELMNT Vejin


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  • AirMagicMamba

    Nice can't go wrong with Roy Ayers and he can spit bout to dl his ep

  • JeremyLL

    dang. shit's dope.

  • WestonGuy

    Guzo Lou of Tre Leji?

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