Photo: Chad Griffith.

Title track off Tonedeff's recently-released EP. Which is 1/4 of his planned releases that will help make up his upcoming Polymer album, dropping later this year.

“The three deepest draws of my life from very early on were Hip Hop, visual art and pornography,” Tonedeff explains, “I wrote this album during the darkest period of my adult existence. I didn’t make this record for shock value’s sake – but as a way to get it all out of my system in one shot – explicit scars and all.”

STREAM: Tonedeff - Glutton f. NumberNin6
- Lyrics are also available by clicking the above link.


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  • STK

    Huge Tone and QN5 fan, but
    1) Weak artwork
    2) Releasing single for freEP after EP itself was released? smh

  • Killaaa

    how does anyone approve that album art?

  • heathenHavoc

    Click the link...

    (slightly) Improved artwork will be found.

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