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A brand new project from Tonedeff? Crazy! If you've been a long-time fan, you'd know days like this are few and (way too) far between. And for his second full-length album, Tone is packaging four separate EPs that he'll be dropping throughout the year in an effort to showcase each facet of his personality.

Polymer will consist of 4 separate EPs. Each EP presents a different face or “molecule” of Tonedeff. (Think Voltron, but without the lions). Each EP will be denoted by the Polymer icon located on each cover, with a new molecule filled-in for each release. EP’s 1 through 3 will be released digitally, with the fourth exclusively available on the final assembled version of the physical collector’s edition of Polymer. All music on the project has been produced synthetically to follow along the idea of an actual Polymer’s synthetic structure. Pre-orders available now.

Glutton is the first EP to be released and it deals with the concept of excess and addiction over self-produced uptempo tracks. Take a listen and download after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Tonedeff - Glutton (FreEP)
- Name your price, via Bandcamp.


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  • Dez

    HOLY FUCK @ "GLUTTON". Is that triple time?

  • koustourika

    Holy shit deff is back!
    I will definitely love to see Extended F@mm back again!

  • who cares

    Can't wait to give this a listen.

  • houstonz

    This EP is insane. Really digging the electronic sound, which I'm not usually into.

  • Trixx

    @koustourika Extended Famm will be back also but Session will only be on a few songs, not the entire thing. It will either drop in late 2013 or more likely 2014.

  • Juicy-G

    I like this a lot, but I'm not used to the electronic vibe. It'll just have to grow on me.

  • nooowoo

    hot damn

  • Shawn

    sweet artwork

  • geebo

    by "uptempo" you mean god-awful watered down housey housey pop shit?! i've always liked Tonedeff, but i can't even begin to listen to this crap....

  • morrigan

    shit is dope and different. if you were hoping for primo bangerz... you're looking in the wrong backpack.

  • david

    This 1 ain't for me, Never and Glutton are ill though. With that said I like the Polymer concept and can't be mad at him for goin against the grain, DOOM did a similar thing with Jneiro Jarel last year. Still lookin forward to hearin the other EPs

  • PayMe

    I'm still waiting on the Tondeff & Kno album "Chico & The Man", but this will certainly suffice.

  • chitownkid

    Tonedeff is RIDICULOUSLY TALENTED. Happy dude's back. Technically, I always thought he was a top emcee cos' he does things that no other emcee can do. His musical versatility is also dumb good. Listen to glutotn then he's done piano ballad songs where he just sings. He's all over the place and I can't hate on him for at least always bringing honesty with everything he does.

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