Sitting down with TheWellVersed, Vizzy speaks on the current status of his debut album, the relationship with his frequent collaborator Seven, and more...

On who he is looking to collaborate with:
“When I look at my mixtapes, I’ve worked with Wiz (Khalifa), Big Sean, Ne Yo, Lil Wayne, Pusha T, Kendrick Lamar, ScHoolBoy Q, Talib Kweli. But I haven’t worked with Scarface, Lupe Fiasco and Andre 3000. These are all artists that I dream to work with. Because of that, I have a lot of work to do still.”

Squarians Vol. 1 drops tomorrow (October 19th).

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  • $$$

    Dude's been talking about the green backpack since 2008...

  • asdsad

    And he'll never work with them if he keeps up this musical direction. Let's face it, Zero Heroes was beautiful but his last one was less than par. Getting to generic now.

  • http://2dopeboyz yeaaahh

    XV is FAR from generic!! His style is very refreshing.. his production is on another level, musically, and his rhymes and song concepts are different from everyone else. I hope the stars align so he can drop the album and do big things.

  • Penguin

    He honestly deserves to get a real shot. You can tell he puts his heart into each record and doesnt just put together a hot song and image

  • mazoomy

    FML I had no idea him and Seven stopped working together permanently. My favorite artist/producer team is gone!!!!

    I feel more than a little broken inside right now...

  • Mike

    Zero heroes & Pop Culture were dope tapes hopefully his album is a classic, take your TIME XV release it later...right now he should be doing shows.

  • C-los

    Popular Culture was just a badly executed concept but I know he can make more shit like Zero Heroes. I just wish he would do work with Se7en cuz they make great music together

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