For the latest release from his #Octoberly series, the 2008ighties member rocks over one of his favorite Madlib beats... Pacewon's I Delcare War. Something you new jacks might only remember from Asher Roth's Muddy Swim Trunks. Either way, the beats and rhymes are dope on this one.

DOWNLOAD: Fonz-E Mak - Octoberly
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  • Tzu

    I'ma go Hiphop-nerd on y'all and correct you on this one. This beat was produced by Ski (aka Skibeatz). Madlib flipped the same sample for a different track, but the Pacewon version was done by Ski.

  • Boom_Bap

    Originally appeared on The Lootpack's 'The Antidote' long before the Pacewon jam. So I pretty much went the full nerd on this one.

  • Tzu

    >Originally appeared on The Lootpack’s ‘The Antidote’ long before the Pacewon jam.

    Really? Both the Pacewon song and the Lootpack album were released in the same year (1999).

    Both songs are made from the same sample (Shady Blues) with no added instrumentation, the only difference being the length of the loop. Compare the instrumentals. Fonz-E-Mak rhymes over the Pacewon record (credited to Ski), which is not the same as the joint Madlib produced on the Lootpack album.

    I can't believe I'm trying to out-rap-nerd somebody on this site...

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