One of Meka's guilty pleasure joints from Chiraq's own Lil Reese is now available on iTunes. Get his DJ Drama and Don Cannon-hosted Don't Like mixtape now.

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  • allanté, the new one

    this a lil old aint it??/

  • j

    def jame going straight for the albums before
    1. they buzz go
    2. they get killed or get locked up
    3. they cant make any new ideas up for tracks

  • the realest

    dem niggaz late as fuck. but anyway, meka and shake? yall niggaz gay *riley voice

  • Lance Geneva

    This shit goes so hard, it ain't even funny.. It's a really old track though.. ITS JUST US NIGGA !

  • Based

    Why this nigga got the Need for Speed midnight club background tho?

  • SluttyBoy

    Lil Reeseie and them

  • BananaClipse

    this sounds like every other cheif queef song out.

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