Latest leak (featuring Marcus McClinton) off DC's upcoming Nas-tribute project, It Was Rewritten, dropping October 1st.

This is a song that deals with racial perception. Racism isn't always based off of hate, but rather ignorance. This song tells two stories of a white girl with misguided perceptions when it comes to their affection for the black male. I'm from Kentucky so I have personally dealt with this situation several times. I wanted to shed light on this particular aspect of racial perception. At the end of the day don't judge people off their religion, race, etc. Just get to know people and love or hate them for who they are.

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  • HiphopHead

    Wow.. This song is so deep. And speaking as a brother from the south we do deal with this alot.

  • ecstasy

    lol, the intro, lolllllll

  • ATL

    wow great story telling abilities

  • mARTIN

    4 FOR 4

  • nadia deep,pls pls this should get played hard on radio!!!!

  • Loster

    Great story bro...

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