Directed by Nicolas Heller

Grab the mp3 here.


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  • 0pinion


  • cxswsxs

    Surprisngly dope

  • Drunk Bux

    Seems Like A Herb But Dude Kinda Kilt It

  • Internationull

    girls > bars

  • bigErn

    he just got signed to G.O.O.D. music..

  • REupGANG

    hes tight

  • will

    damn girl at 0:54, who are you goddamn?

  • Steez Diamante

    Jesse Abraham + Illmined = A Good Combination

  • Chaz

    One of Jesse's best songs. One of Ricky Shabazz's best videos. One of !llmind's best beats. Just an all around slice of dopeness here!

  • Emcee Jermaine

    Werd up!!!

  • MC Beard


  • Stylex

    lol @ "I'm a make you dash like a hyphin"

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