Beans drops his long awaited This Time in under five days.

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  • Mike

    Good stuff right here ears popped up like a hound dog

  • who cares

    Not bad, not what I was expecting though

  • adi Pre

    Feeling this.

  • casper

    Where's neef

  • you

    the fuck is wrong with this beat?

  • DrewDogg

    stupid fucking cover though. shit.

  • bfears

    dope track. very different. i wish young chris had a verse tho

  • Ratch

    Beans need to smack whoever produced this album! Only 2 solid joints!!!!
    No Hook, and The Reunion.
    Damn, I miss Beans over a Kanye and Just Blaze beat. sighs....

  • A.J.

    Horrendous. Keep trying beanie, and while you keep failing, blame it on Jay.

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