The Brown Baggers will drop a new EP on September 4th, and like most of their other promo videos this just shows that that entire crew needs to seek professional help. Jokes, of course. SHAKE UPDATE: And just incase you need a reminder of the first go'round, check out the Dopehouse-presented Brown Label EP right here.


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  • Garth

    Hahahah funny shit! Can't wait for brown label 2!

  • Darnell

    LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! niggas is crazy! love them BBAS niggas,,,

  • Percy Ent


    Coppin EP for sure

  • Augustino


  • Miss K..

    <3 BbAs

    need a video from this ep!

  • Red

    Song at the end of the video sound tuff

  • Rio$

    @red yeah it does

  • Remy

    Can't wait till this drop!

  • nyc22

    When I heard the 'Jermaine Fowler' skits on the first Brown Label, I thought they (somehow, I don't know how, but somehow) got Kevin Hart to do the skit under that alias. Go back and listen to the end of "I Fucks With That" and tell me it doesn't sound like Kevin Hart.

    Consider me fooled/naive.

  • nyc22

    but Jermaine's hilarious and BBAS is dope regardless


  • Rani


    There a pre order?

  • wongdaddy

    so good

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