Jahlil Beats takes us inside the studio for the first ep of his day in the life series.

PREVIOUS: Jim Jones – Don’t Judge Me f. Future (prod. Jahlil Beats)


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  • stopit5

    Terrible footage. Terrible camera guy.

  • Zachariah

    Studio? Doesn't he use Frooty Loops or some shit?

  • mark


  • gday

    every beat was wack! generic ass beat...smh

  • AIU Budd

    The Young bull is one uppin yall!!!!

  • smh

    i agree, the camera guy fucking sucks. whats the story here anyways? he showing off beats to his crew? ok...

  • BazookaJoe

    I swear this niggas a young swizz beatz...even looks a lil like him

  • Dave

    id rather hear some asap ty beatz or spaceghost.this guy is a feen for diamond supply he makes sure the camera sees he rocks that.

  • mynameismyname

    one of those beats sounded exactly like the Mannie Fresh produced "Ha" by Juvenile, i hope he was just playing that instrumental, 'cause there was nothing different about that than the original.. nonetheless I respect the young homie's hustle, he and Mike Will are two of my favorites production wise..

  • djbreezy

    That shit was distorted at 4:05 on those meters, son! Let it breathe with some dynamic range. Feeling the hype beats though. Nice stuff. Been a fan since Kid Ink "It's On".

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