DOWNLOAD: Martin $ky x Fonz-E Mak - Not So Sweet Sixteen (prod.


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  • Dave

    This guy martin sky sent me a video on YouTube of his music a while ago.usually I don't pay them lames no mind and I just delete they message.but his name sounded dope so I checked dudes music video and shit was pretty dope.could deft put him up with the upcoming names like asap,Kendrick etc.if you on 2dopeboyz u deft making some kinda move.

  • chiefjeef

    Legit..never really heard of these cats, but their pretty dope. I fuck with it.

  • cutnruncrew

    yea! shout out to the homie martin sky! finally getting some much deserved recognition for his music.

  • kingshit

    ^ Yea what he said! I remember this dude martin always sending me his new music. I'm glad I didn't sleep on him too hard. All I can say is, it's about fuckin time.

  • micfiend

    shits dope.

  • jetlifer

    these cats is pretty decent.

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