Directed by Rik Cordero.

With The 4th Chapter dropping tomorrow, Jared Evan lets loose some new visuals for his !llmind-produced single.


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  • Tyler

    he's been droppin nothing but fire lately excited to cop this tomorrow

  • chasein

    This is beast yyo JE killng em wooo can not wait for that album

  • 123as

    He got better

  • CharlieSheem


  • andre3k

    I've been following Jared for a couple of years now. He's one of those artists who are truly unique and different. I think because of how unique he is it's been hard for him to blow up huge yet. But he will make his mark at some point he's way too good, I mean Jay Z blew up when he was 28.....

  • nameless

    ^^ true dat

  • pledge

    goes hard

  • Mike

    Good video

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