Directed by Justin Lopez.

I guess Lace read my words, as he stepped up his chick-game for his latest video.


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  • Nikki

    FOllow me lace and Kelly @nikkiraval09

  • Jamzdadon

    came for the ass, stayed for the ass

  • piper

    ignorance at it's finest...


    2 guys from Miami rockin' Cincinnati hats cuz it's trendy. That's real hip hop right there... Getting pornstars to be in your video doesn't make you spit any better haha

  • dddd

    douchebags, what tha .... is wrong with these morons, thinkin they can rap. bitchiz this bitchiz that, bling here bling there and still they make money cause some other morons actually buy what they sell

  • loso

    butter face chick...with butt dimples like morpheus daughter...fake ass future beat with a fake ass wanna be asap rocky.

  • slivverr

    a muthafuckin' whale done washed ashore. get it back in the ocean before it dies.

  • figgy

    BBGW is platinum compared to this shit. Super disappointing.

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