Bonus track not found on Apollo Brown and OC's 2dope Trophies LP, which is available now.

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  • Ryandog

    Thats not on the album???? daamn! Why not?

  • Chris

    Dogg it's D.I.T.C. not DTIC what's your problem?

  • ChappyHova

    These 2 together are something special.

  • asdf

    ^how about i hit you upside your head

  • Tto

    DTIC? and you call this a hip hop blog? gtfoh

  • Jonny

    There is no forgiveness for typos apparently.

  • nofrillz

    track 11 anyone? well in the uk it is anyway

  • Jordanspaul

    It is good, I miss my love.

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