With The Lost Tape just around the corner, Curtis drops off a video from The Big 10.

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  • my god

    Probably the best song off the last tape. I really liked it.

  • Its 50

    50 Cent, still one of the best

  • jwiii

    was the original track this anthemic sound in structure or was it beefed up for the video?

  • my god

    Same song minus the very beginning and the very end

  • marty mcfly

    50 still rapping like its is last album again, I wish he would just let his fans hear about his real life at the present time cause running companies and helping Flloyd promote fights is just as interesting if he made music about it. He still acting like he flippin birds and havin shootouts on the corner of 134th and Guy Brewer blvd. Stop it fif

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    @marty mcfly, This is more of Kidd Kidd's song/story than 50's. But either way, 50 and Kidd Kidd has lived that life so they can speak on it.

  • higuy

    @marty mcfly lmao, so true.

  • marty mcfly

    Its all good, I was just speaking more so on 50s content cause we know he lived that life and in the last couple years he gave us a album and 3 mixtapes all full of that material but really we all know its been about ten years since he really had to be involved with that type of stuff thats all im saying. 50 dont really give people his more business side in his music and that would be interesting to hear.

  • derrty

    50 doing his thing. wont be long til he makes the comeback. those snippets at the beginning and end for GET BUSY sound nice.

  • Troof

    Bitches bitch cause 50 is doing love songs, not they bitch cause dudes doing street songs. People are never happy these days. What a damn shame.

  • marty mcfly

    I dont think there is any 50 cent fan who is waiting for a new way for him to tell us how to kill people. Im not saying he should completely STOP talking about that shit, what im saying is 50s REAL life is one of a bunch of different events that are 10x more interesting then his gangsta tales from ten or 15 years ago and he has never spoke about those experiences. He has not spent the last ten years going on a rampage in the streets. His project with Dj Drama coming out soon mite be dope but its just not reality if he's gonna repeatedly talk about how he is currently at war in the streets. He can speak on business, family, his fame at this point, the boxing world, his dealings overseas in africa, his transition to acting, his actually real life maybe etc etc etc... I dont think any 50 cent fan would have a problem with that especially since they already have over 100 gangsta records from this guy. If 50 talked about something else other then killing people would SOME people complain? YES but thats all apart of growing as an artist.

    Jayz - Addicted To The Game: My Thoughts is sporadic I got to unconfuse it
    Sort of like a rubik's cube is
    Every album's a color
    But I fuck up the other

  • elloseventysix

    This sounds like The Massacre 50!!! This track is ill man.

  • Skkoby

    @marty mcfly - Agreed 100%. Thats why Jay Z still sells records, because he's not rapping like he's 20 still. I just shake my head when all these old cats are still trying to be gangster. Btw, what the hell did the dudes at the beginning say?? Lol


    for all the money this nigga 50 is worth, why is it that this nigga's gear always look like he copped em from walmart. 50 fell off years ago, nobody is buying into his street shit no more. this shit is wack.

  • James Bond

    @marty mcfly

    If a fake like William can get away with it then way cant someone who really lived that life?????????


  • http://cbrokx.tumblr.com VJ

    Let's be real though, it took Jay a bunch of albums before he started adapting his rhymes to his current lifestyle. Still agree with yall that a more current approach would be a good look for 50.

  • chronwell

    Brothers aint get the message in the video. The song may be remorseless but as far the gangsta life, Kidd wound up with a colostomy bag in the end. Its not worth it.

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