Outasight follows-up "Believe In Me" with his new single "Now or Never" available for your listening pleasure in lyric clip form.


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  • xNnoitra

    I used to like Outasight when he did that tape with Mick Boogie. I guess he is taking the commercial route too.

  • lo

    dude completely sold his soul to the majors...now his music sounds like everything else on the radio instead of creating his own sound like he was doing before he signed a deal. It will be his downfall. MAYBE he'll have a top 40 smash, but as we all know, most of these artists that get forced to copycat whatever is "hot" usually don't have longevity and get dropped or put on the shelf when their hit single fades away

  • Jedi

    I like outta sight but this here is straight black eyed peas shit.

  • http://twitter.com/codydaze_iDK cody daze

    dat shit gay. Outasight has truly fallen off

  • LodiDodi

    Wtf is this, the Mortal Kombat movie theme song?

  • ni-ev/e

    cant hate on the man for making money. plus i think its pretty dope.


    I fucks with this joint tho... He plays the game... makes dope joints .... getting this paper.... traveling the world... and can very properly take care of his family.... what the fuck else can you ask for... personal preference as a fan is over and making songs for other artists is over as we'll... my g doing his do like all the rest and I can never be mad at that

  • AddyLove

    Love it!

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