With Pill's Over the Counter Drugs project on the horizon, DJBooth comes through with a tagless version of his latest. Tracklist/download link after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Pill - The Epidemic (Mixtape) [NoDJ]


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  • wowowow

    Its about fucking time.

  • Tiiz

    ^ The only nigga on earth anticipating this.

  • Flip

    How you the only nigga didnt blow up in mmg lol.....Gun play better than this nigga

  • Melo15

    kinda fucked what happened to this dude... just take a look at the mixtape cover...

  • TheOne

    I fucks with this artwork! But not with Pill...
    check out that line:
    You are wack like Pill, I am hardcore like Grylls
    ...yo, that rhyme was ill.
    P! [*seanprice_voice)

  • Thinker

    LMFAO! Yo the C-Section never fails to crack me up. For real tho Pill does not stand out at all. People say cole and wale are boring, pill pretty much lives up to his name

  • lowskiwoski

    We have to be patient with our artists and their work. Some works of art may take longer to catch on or it may never. But I do recognize that this man is putting real life into his music and I can at least respect that.

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