The Canadian emcee has two projects in the pipeline. Up first, a 10-track LP titled We Don't Belong Here dropping in May. Followed by a 7-track EP with fellow Canadian producer Muneshine (under the monikor Dorian Grey) dropping in early June. This track -- produced by DJ Bombay -- will be found on the first one.


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  • what?

    Not bad. Pretty dope to be honest

  • Jim

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  • xastey

    Pretty dope

  • xastey

    yo anyone got a link to his last mixtape Element – If I Was A Woman, I’d **** Me Too, the one posted here isn't working anymore

  • acsott

    Yeah, this is tight.

  • yupp

    sounds like blu

  • PWR

    Don't really see the comparison, but he destroyed this beat.

  • kimchi-la

    Cold. Rather puncture my heart with a dagger than admit defeat.

    Flow is on point.

  • Shawn Connors


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